Regular quarterly meeting

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 19:00

Montclair HOA Meeting June 6, 2018

Present: Tim Laudick, president, Sandie Cooper, Treasurer, Dan Bollig, Randy Fay, Nancy Lewis

Tim Laudick called the meeting to order 7:08pm

Election of new officers.

  • Sandie Cooper raised a discussion: How can we get more HOA board members, as we need new blood.
  • Discussion of how tired most of the board members are.
  • All present were willing to continue.
  • Nancy Lewis nominated the existing officers. Randy Fay seconded. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer's report

  • Discussion of contact information for buyers of property. Suggestion that we collect contact information before closing
  • Randy moved to accept the treasurer's report. Dan seconded, approved unanimously.
  • Balance sheet and Income statement attached.

Landscaping Report

  • Ray Musser, landscape coordinator, was not present to do a report.
  • All agreed that most things are looking good.
  • Algae treatment is planned
  • Tim: Some concerns about dry areas.
  • Tim: East common area is a concern again, it needs soil treatment.
  • Nancy says Bookcliff's work looks good.
  • Tim very concerned about bad metal edging. Randy moved to "authorize Tim to spend $1500 out of capital maintenance for concrete edging (prioritized by him) and to arrange to remove any metal edging that should be pulled. " Seconded by Nancy Lewis. Unanimously approved.

Inspections of member properties

  • Tm Laudick: 820 is the only one left that has not responded appropriately
  • Randy will get a letter together to help people understand the requirement to act and the consequences of not acting.

Followup of development of Shaw property (orchard to the west)

  • Planning commission approved preliminary plat
  • We did not protest/appeal, therefore it's on the way.
  • Nancy talked at length with CDOT coordinator
  • Let's have a meeting with the developer, with clear talking points (what's behind us, traffic on Montclair, Elberta intersection, egress to the west)
  • Have a meeting with Ron Quarles to try to get informed about the process of the development. Ask him to come to a community meeting.

New business

  • Nancy expressed concern about cars going too fast in our alley, especially now that there are children playing in the area.
  • Nancy: Chris & Mary Britt has a blue door. Maybe we should write them a letter saying "next time" they do something visible.

Next meeting 9/5/2018 7pm, Tim's house, 844 Montclair Drive.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02pm

Action Items

  • Randy: Draft letter (before July 1) on what happens if people are not taking care of property
  • Several for Ray from 1st quarter meeting. (paint/stucco colors)
  • Tim: Will contact Ray/Bookcliff about East Commons area, perhaps soil treatment, aeration.
  • Randy: Contact Ron Quarles about learning the process of development of Shaw property. Ask him to come to a community meeting, invite folks from development on the other side.
  • Tim: Will follow up on approved concrete edging.
  • Ray: Get stucco color and brand, for website