This site is to provide information and promote communication within the Montclair neighborhood in Palisade, Colorado.

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We want to welcome you to the Montclair Subdivision. We'd love to have you participate in the community and are glad to have you as neighbors. You're always welcome to contact us with questions or concerns by using the contact form on the website, (there are phone numbers there too). And we invite you to the quarterly board meetings, which are always scheduled on the right side of the website ( and also posted on the message board near the mailboxes.

  • Our website,, has info and links and contacts for most anything you'd want to know.
  • The HOA is responsible for landscaping, mowing, and maintenance of the common areas. Owners and residents are responsible for everything else.
  • Trash pickup is on Friday mornings and is managed by the Town of Palisade.
  • Mailboxes are managed by the USPS, contact the local post office for more information and keys.
  • Lawns must be clear for mowing on lawn day each week.
  • Please don't alter sprinkler settings. Use the contact form if you need changes.
  • Pets must be under direct control of the owner. Dog waste must be cleaned up, and residents are responsible for this and may be charged if cleanup is required, see .
  • Please shovel snow immediately after snowfall. Snow removal is critical to our community's health and safety.
  • Please drive through the neighborhood as though your own children were playing in the street.
  • Each residence has two parking spaces in the driveway; guests may park temporarily on the street; parking on the sidewalk is not allowed. Vehicles larger than a standard pickup truck should not be parked on the street, except very temporarily.
  • The vineyard at the south end of Montclair Drive is off-limits to people and pets.
  • There is no access to Riverbend Park from the south end of Montclair Drive. Adjacent properties to the south-end area are privately owned. The irrigation canal is not a recreational area and no public access is allowed.

-Your neighbors and friends on the HOA Board

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This policy expresses the Montclair HOA's approach to enforcement issues when they become necessary to pursue.

It was listed as a proposa from December, 2018 through June, 2019l, but was adopted as explicit policy by the Montclair HOA Board at the June 20, 2019 quarterly meeting.

The basis of the board’s authority to enforce is in the covenants:

Article VII, Section 10. Rules and Regulations. Rules and regulations concerning and governing the Property or any portion thereof maybe adopted, amended or repealed, from time to time by the Board of directors of the Association and the Board of directors may establish and enforce penalties for the infraction thereof, including without limitation the levying and collecting of fines for the violation of any of such rules and regulations.

Before getting to enforcement though, it’s critical to remember a few things:

  • The goal is to have a functional, happy, and well-maintained neighborhood, not to use power.
  • Both before and during the process of enforcement it’s critical to have person-to-person conversations explaining what is happening if that is at all possible (and it may not always be)
  • Our basic conclusions were that we may not need to make any new specific rules at this time, but the board could choose as a whole to begin an enforcement activity The most obvious long-term struggle has been with staining fascia/soffit.

Here is a basic proposal for enforcement technique; the board can modify it as it sees fit.

When an enforcement action is agreed by the board:

  1. A letter explaining the problem, solution, deadline, and consequences must be sent.
    • If possible, a phone call or face-to-face meeting should explain the situation in person.
    • Contact: The letter must offer a board contact that the person can talk with about the issue.
    • Problem: Explain exactly what the problem is and why it is in conflict with our regulations or covenant/bylaws
    • Solution: Explain exactly what must be done to resolve the problem.
    • Deadline(s): Explain the dates by which the solution must be achieved or the dates at which the board will contract the work done and charge it to the HOA member. This would normally be in the range of 90 days.
    • Consequences: Explain what happens if they don’t meet the deadline. This would normally be a monthly surcharge in addition to dues. Then, if (6 months?) passes with it still not being solved, the HOA arranging the work to be done and double the contractor price and billing it as an HOA dues surcharge.
    • Total possible cost of non-compliance: Explain the total estimated possible cost of non-compliance in the first (6?) months and then if the board has to arrange the work.
  2. If the initial deadline passes, another letter must go out with all of the above reiterated (or copied) and an explanation of the new surcharge and the new deadline.
  3. The treasurer is kept informed of compliance deadlines and consequences, and begins surcharge if necessary.
  4. If the second deadline passes, the board arranges for the work to be done, and double the amount is passed to HOA member as a surcharge.
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Stucco for the Montclair HOA is "El Raj Stucco, Perira Flex Acrylic Stucco Finish". A 05 2107 403 OPR Med White Base TR827

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One of the purposes of an HOA is to provide consistent colors, architecture, and maintenance.

This page is used to attempt to catalog colors required for use in our neighborhood.

Fascia, soffit, and related stain is Cabot "Solid Color Acrylic Deck Stain (1800 Series)", Brickstone

It's available at Lowe's and at

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Payments required under the association's governing documents are due on the first day of the month on each calendar quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1). If a member does not pay in full any expense due to the association within 30 days after its due date, the payment will be deemed delinquent. All payments must be sent to Montclair Subdivision HOA, PO Box 812, Palisade, CO 81526.

If the association does not receive payment for any expense due by the date required, the delinquent member shall pay damages to reimburse the association for the overhead involved in collecting the payment as follows:
A $30 late fee and Interest at 10% annual percentage rate from the original date due until the date the payment is received.
In addition to late fees, for each check from a member that a bank returns for any reason, the member must pay a $30 returned check charge. 
The association may also refer the member's account to an attorney or collection agency for appropriate action. All fees incurred by an attorney or collection agency to recover the delinquent amounts will be assessed to the member.
Before the Association turns over a delinquent account to an attorney or collection agency, the Association will send the delinquent owner a written notice specifying:
  •  The total amount of the arrearage, with an accounting of how the total arrearage was determined;
  •  Whether the opportunity to enter into a payment plan exists and instructions for contacting the Association to enter into the payment plan
  •  The name and contact information for the individual the owner may contact to request a copy of the owner’s ledger to verify the amount of the debt; and
  • That action is required to cure the delinquency and failure to do so within 30 days may  result in the account being turned over to a collection agency, a lawsuit being filed against the owner, the filing and foreclosure of a lien against the owner’s property and other remedies available under Colorado law. 

Payment Plan

The Association will provide a delinquent owner with a one time opportunity to enter into a payment plan, lasting six months, to bring their delinquent account current. The delinquent owner must make the scheduled payment as required by the payment plan and remain current in the payment of current assessments. If the delinquent owners fails to make either the installment payment or the current assessment payment, the Association may immediately proceed with collections. This one-time opportunity to enter into a payment plan does not extend to owners who do not occupy the property and took title as a result of a default on a mortgage (i.e. public trustee foreclosure) or foreclosure of the Association’s lien.



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Montclair HOA, Palisade, Colorado, June 29, 2022

(Note that this policy has been in effect since 2012, but was modified June 20, 2019 to increase the monthly assessment to $80)



What do we want?

  1. Keep our grounds free of dog poop.
  2. Make dog owners who do not clean up successfully (or the property owner) pay for the cleanup.


This simple initiative has resulted in a cleaner neighborhood with much less pestering and whining about the problem.


What should I do?


  • Please pick up after your dog immediately after they poop.
  • Please do not let your dog wander the neighborhood unattended.

Note that although we had a professional poop-pickup service in the past, we no longer have that. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to keep things picked up.


- The Montclair HOA Board


Questions and Answers about the Dog Poop Pickup


Who pays for this? Any property that has a pickup in a given month will be fined $80.  The property owner, of course, pays the HOA dues, but may make any arrangement necessary with a renter if there is one.

What if somebody else's dog poops on my property? We'll do our level best to communicate with you and figure out which dog and which owner is the problem.  We'll ask you. If you don't have a dog and there's poop on your lawn... well, that's pretty easy.

How much will this cost me? The most it could ever cost you is $80/month. If you don't have a dog it will never cost you anything.

What if I have other questions? Call or email Nancy Lewis, 970-462-7450, nancy (at)