Aug 6, 2023 Quarterly Meeting

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Sunday, August 6, 2023 - 19:00

Draft; Financial reports are attached
Montclair HOA Board Meeting
Meeting Date: August 6, 2023
Attendees: Sandie Cooper, Tim Laudick, Ray Musser, Kristie Musser, Nancy Lewis, Randy Fay, Nancy Elzas, Linda Odette

Meeting Called to order by Ray Musser at 7:09 pm

Ray asked attendees to review minutes from April 2 meeting.
Randy Fay motion to approve, Linda Odette Second, Unanimous Approval by board members present.

Financial Report 7/31/23:
Several invoices on irrigation repairs from Bookcliff, not major dollars. Tree mx to be soon. Nancy Lewis asked about Office Supplies $454 – mostly is cost of accounting software of $37/mo per Randy and payment of PO box rental. Discussion about the software has capability of multiple users, i.e., we can all view accounting activity. Randy can create accounts for other people to view. Randy reviewed the Budget Variance report. Ray suggested that possibly pump needs to be rebuilt again later this year. We did get a new motor maybe 2018? Nancy E. asked why 7/31/23 Net Income figure of $12,562 did not match the Current Earnings figure of $11,692. No explanation. Nancy E. was asked to review the #’s in the accounting software.

Landscape Report:
Bookcliff has sent multiple invoices for repairs, sprinkler head work mostly. 2-1/2 weeks ago, there were dry spots and sprinkling clock had been turned off in that area. Also, near Ray’s units and other areas. Ray doesn’t recall repairs, don’t know why clocks were off. Tim suggests we look at invoices to see if Bookcliff was doing repairs and didn’t turn clocks back on. Bookcliff sprayed weeds and killed strawberries, and a dog was sick. Linda mentioned that when spraying done, there should be a flag to notify of spraying. Tim suggested that spray should have the marker and did have a purple marker in the 1st spray in the spring. Bookcliff said they don’t mark, Ray asked Bookcliff to have some kind of marker when they spray in the future IF the spray is not pet safe. Tim and Ray say check SDS.

Ray Musser mentioned that two aspen trees need to come down due to wind damage. ACTION ITEM - Nancy Lewis to ask T4 what trees we should plant to replace and get a quote from T4 to remove and haul off. Discussion of Montclair work group taking trees down; tree would have to be hauled out. ACTION ITEM - LINDA WILL ALSO CHECK WITH HANDYMAN.
Nancy L. reported that T4 said they would be out 6 weeks ago to trim, but T4 hasn’t trimmed yet. Units on north and east are on trimming schedule, and that is budgeted. ACTION ITEM - Ray will walk with Nancy L. to see if there are any small branches to be trimmed that are not on the schedule.

Election of President:
Randy Fay reported that Gene Fourney agreed to be nominated. Randy nominated Gene Fourney. Second by Nancy Lewis. Unanimous approval. Effective date for Gene to take over as President will be the October meeting. Discussion among those present that a Vice President position is still unfilled. Randy Fay nominated Tim Laudick to the Montclair HOA Board. Seconded by Nancy Lewis. Unanimous approval by Board members present. Nancy L. nominated Tim Laudick as Vice President, Sandie Cooper seconded, unanimous approval by Board members present. ACTION ITEM – Tim will assist Gene as he takes over President position. Discussion that many calls go to the President, and new Board members are appreciated.

Landscape Mx Contract 2024:
Bookcliff contract ending 2023. ACTION ITEM - Ray will go through our current Bookcliff contract so that we have an outline to present to other landscape companies for bids. He will also include additional items that we may need such as thatch removal. Bookcliff has been unwilling to deal with thatch removal. Initial weed spray needs to happen earlier. If we find another company, it will probably take a year to get things right. Discussion about how many bids and length of new contract.

Nancy Lewis wondering about cracks in the asphalt alleys – does a budget need to be established? ACTION ITEM - Tim and Ray working on a plan for this by adding sand to the cracks. Asphalt heating and cooling causes cracking in the asphalt.

New Business:
Tim recommending that a review of HOA documents is needed, perhaps via a committee. Randy says Board needs to alter and/or add to the policies, not alter founding documents. ACTION ITEM - Tim will form the committee.

Next meeting date October 29 subject to approval by Gene. Location TBD.

Randy moved to adjourn, Ray seconded, unanimous approval by Board members present.