Board Meeting

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 19:00

The meeting was called to order by Ray Musser at 7:10pm.

Present were board members Nancy Lewis, Dan Collins (via zoom), Sandie Cooper, Ray Musser, and Randy Fay and HOA members Tim Laudick, Nancy Elzas (via zoom), Kristy Musser, Linda Odette

Minutes: The minutes of the October 12, 2021 board meeting were read and approved and discussed..

Financial Reports: Randy Fay (Treasurer) presented the balance sheet and income statement (attached).

  • We have about $2000 in the checking account, about the same as last year. No change in our reserve account.
  • Examining the Income Statement it was noted that we didn't pay the budgeted $50 DORA HOA fee this year, so Randy will try to find out what happened wth that.
  • The financial reports were accepted by the board.

2022 Budget Discussions

  • Various accounts were updated per discussion, resulting in the attached draft proposal (to be finalized at our next meeting and approved by the HOA membership at the annual meeting).
  • Added "Professional fees" category and budgeted $1000
  • Tim Laudick mentioned the need to update the plat, get a bid, find out how much it will cost. The proposed cost for this should probably be added to "Professional Fees"

Landscaping report (Ray Musser)

  • Cresthaven easement access is still under discussion. Ray Musser, Nancy Lewis, Linda Odette met with attorney Tammy Tallant on Thursday, December 9. A report of that meeting will be forthcoming.
  • Bookcliff still has some work outstanding, including leaf pickup.
  • Ray and Tim with some help from Randy and Nancy cleaned out the dried mud from the pond, meaning that we're ahead on pond cleanup this year.

Board Meeting and Annual Meeting Tuesday, March 8: We will do the board meeting at 6pm and Annual Meeting at 7pm.

Tailwater Drainage problem:

  • Nancy Lewis will try to find out who owner and lessee of the field are and contact them.
  • The town is not planning any immediate work. That seems to have fizzled. There was earlier discussion of trying to get a grant to fix the tailwater situation.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm

Action Items:

  • Randy will find out why we didn't pay the $50 DORA HOA membership this year.
  • Tim/Ray will pursue updating the plat.
  • Ray will pester Bookcliff to fix the dangerous broken valve cover behind 848/852.
  • Ray will get Bookcliff to do remaining leaf pickup.
  • Nancy Lewis will find out the owner of the large hayfield behind the bank where tailwater is coming from and try to organize a meeting with them, Town of Palisade, Palisade Irrigation.
  • Randy will update and fix contact list on website.