Montclair Drive HOA Quarterly Board Meeting

Posted by Nelz
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 07:00

Meeting called to order 7:11 PM June 14 2022

Attendees: Ray M, Sandie C, Dave & Linda O, Nancy L, Nancy E, Randy Fay, Ruth Y, Kristie M, Tim L, Jay W

Motion to accept minutes from March 8, 2022 General and Board Meeting by Linda O, second Randy F. Motion Passed.

Financial Report as of June 13, 2022:
Randy says all dues current except one homeowner, letter sent, money received.
Sandie asked about budget for trees and bushes, per Randy & Ray, budget spent and no additional amount approved.
Linda O. asked if trimming paid in full – per Nancy L., all tree maintenance complete.
No power for water pump one day - Tim fixed the breaker.
Motion by Sandie to accept Financial Report June 13, 2022, Ruth seconded, motion passed.

Landscaping Report:
Bookcliff had new person assigned to work our account which has not gone so well. Schedule requested by Ray in early Spring, but still no schedule received for plant replacement, weeds, etc. Joe will be placed back on our account. Ray to meet with Joe tomorrow June 15.
Irrigation crew raised sprinkler heads in common area, treated pond to kill algae. Ruth says new timer placed in her area, no invoice received by Tim, Ray or Randy.
Ray spoke to Chronos, and they agreed to complete our list-removing grass, curbing and rock between 830 and 832, still not complete.
Nancy L suggested we call the person in charge (Kaibab) of grapes and ask him to remove weeds. Action item: Ray will call Kaibab.
Kristy mentioned too late to replant. Ray wants planting to happen and if they die again, Bookcliff will have to replant again.
Nancy L. Comments on Landscaping: Crabapple behind mailboxes, it has fungus. T4 says the tree needs to be removed. If replant, need a tree that compatible with grass watering near it. Action Item: Ray will talk to Bud for tree suggestions.
Rose trimming usually done by now, but it has not been done. Nancy L. says that rose trimming needs to be done 2x per year. Need a schedule for trimming rose bushes. Nancy L. mentioned dry areas on grass. Tim to walk with Luke to check sprinkler heads.

Town of Palisade Drainage Project – Town said they would dye water to check path of water. Irrigation seems to not be happening now. Nancy suggested we have another meeting and have them irrigate to find and fix the problem. Tim says Town has admitted it is the Town’s problem. Randy suggested we get the Town to do the dye. Action Item: Nancy L. will follow up.

Old Business:
Real Estate Membership Fee Paid – DORA HOA
Tim/Ray still pursuing updating plat.
Next two action item discussed above in TOP Drainage Project.
Nancy L. checking on poop – Unit 860 next to Ray still a problem. Ray sent email to owner in the last two months and has spoken to renter.
Oopsie Poopsie sold business to Canine Scooper Pros. Discussion about revising policy document. Poop problems also in unit next to Ruth Y.
Action Item: Nancy L. will send email to Randy and copy Montclair HOA to send an invoice of $80 per month to owner of Unit 860.

New Business:
Next Meeting Date Sep 6, 2022 7:00 PM 861 Montclair

Nancy E. Motion to adjourn, Sandie seconded, motion passed.

• Ray M. will call Kaibab to have weeds removed vines at south end of property.
• Tim L and Ray M still working on updating plat.
• Ray M. will speak to Bud about tree compatible with lawn watering to replace crabapple behind mailboxes.
• Tim L. will walk with Luke to check sprinkler heads.
• Nancy L. to follow up with Town of Palisade about drainage problem/dye.
• Nancy L. will send email to Randy to send an invoice of $80 to owner of Unit 860 for May poop cleanup