Montclair HOA Annual Meeting 2023

Posted by Nelz
Meeting Date: 
Sunday, April 2, 2023 - 07:00

Annual Montclair HOA Meeting 4.02.23
Attendees: Ray & Kristie Musser (856), Nancy Elzas & Jay Westcott (861), Bill Carlson (865), Gene Fourney (843), Sandie Cooper (832), Randy Fay&Nancy Lewis (848), Buck Bracken (826), Tom Damkowitch & Susan Potter (830), Tim Laudick ( 844), Linda Odette (864)
Meeting called to Order by Ray Musser 7:00 PM

2022 Financials and 2023 Budget Goals
Randy reported that Montclair HOA spent almost all of money in 2022 on landscaping and trees. All income from dues and a small amount from dog waste fees. Tom asked if we have a reserve fund.
Proposed 2023 Budget is same as 2022 Budget mostly because we have a 3-year landscaping contract. Randy proposed that the dog waste line item be removed from 2023, since there is no longer a pooper scooper. Previous years expenses on non-landscaping costs have been alley road repairs and concrete borders; two more units need concrete borders.
Sandy asked about the proposed additional shrub planting by Cresthaven neighborhood. Some work behind Sandie Cooper unit completed. The rest of shrubbery plantings let go as Cresthaven wanted an easement and additional landscaping costs to support more shrubbery seemed too expensive. Several residents backing to Cresthaven wall planted English Ivy against wall and are hand-watering.
Gene F. motioned to approve 2022 Financials, Linda O. seconded. All in favor to pass motion to approve 2022 Financials.

2023 Budget Approval
2023 Budget - $840 expense for dog waste to be removed. Buck asked if there would be a new company to pick up dog waste. Randy F. and Nancy L. explained that this never worked well and was very expensive for HOA, but invoices will still be sent if dog waste not picked up. Gene F. motioned to approve 2023 Budget, Linda O. seconded, All in favor, 2023 Budget approved.

Dues Increase
Ray M. - Dues increase of 9% to $315/quarter proposed for 2024 due to anticipated landscaping costs increased. Also, need to increase reserve to annual budget of $44,000. Board can increase dues by 10% without all HOA member approval. Discussion that the bylaws should be reviewed for specifics on dues increases approved and allowed. Gene volunteered to research State Bill regarding HOA Fees to see if HOA in compliance. Nancy L. motioned that the dues be raised to $315/Qtr, Randy F. seconded, All in Favor, HOA Dues Increase motion passed.

Tree Fertilizing & Spraying
Nancy L. – T4 bid to spray ash trees accepted, but spraying has not yet occurred. Need to figure out how we fertilize trees, as T4 bid very expensive for fertilization. T4 informed Nancy L. that deep watering should be twice a week, instead of our more frequent 4 times a week watering. Ray M. reminded us that deep watering better for the trees, but grass will have multiple brown spots. Bill Carlson mentioned that there is a State Bill allowing grant money for xeriscaping. Randy F. discussed that we should have a long-term plan for the trees and xeriscaping. Bookcliff has aerated and sprayed pre-emergent.

New Board Members – Ray M. retiring as President 3rd Quarter. Short discussion about the need for new board members as most of the board members have been serving for 14 years. Also, a discussion about there is no Vice-President at this time.

Montclair Website – content and helpful tools, everyone can see HOA documents on website.

Neighborhood Workday – Ray M. says he will develop a plan/list of tasks and set a date.

Landscape/Architectural Inspection and Enforcement Review – Ray M. and Tim L. will do this. Discussion of Ruth’s Unit in need of trim painting. Bill Carlson mentioned he had found a contractor to do this for Ruth.

New Business – Clear Networks installing broadband fiber, higher speed, $40/month. Where are they digging? Ray calling Town to get information.

Summary of Action Items:
o Gene Fourney volunteered to research State Bill hb22-1137 restricting HOA fees imposed on residents.
o Ray Musser will develop a list of tasks and set a date for Neighborhood Workday.
o Ray Musser and Tim Laudick will do Landscape/Architectural Review
o Ray Musser will contact Town of Palisade for information on Clear Networks possible install of broadband.

Gene F. motioned to adjourn meeting, Sandy C. seconded, All in Favor, motion passed.

Attachments from January board meeting:

Note that the full budget is shown in the income statement, and the 2023 budget is (almost) the same.