Quarterly Board Meeting

Posted by Nelz
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - 07:00

HOA Meeting 9/13/22
Attendees: Ray&Kristie Musser, Dave&Linda Odette, Nancy Elzas, Ruth Young, Gene Fourney
Meeting Called to Order 7:15 PM

Approval of Minutes from the last Meeting:
Nancy motion to approve minutes from last meeting, Linda second, all in favor.

Treasurer Report:
Balance Sheet and Income St submitted by Randy Fay – discussion about annual budget and Cash Reserve. Oopsie Poopsie out of business, payments have been stopped. Linda motion to accept Financials, second by Gene, all in favor.

Landscaping Report:
Complaints about grass cutting, leaving it too long. Landscapers do not have enough employees to keep up with trimming and also cannot bag grass. Discussion that grass did look really good this year. Probably won’t have a trimming until Fall. Ray and Tim dug up sage near mailboxes and placed new gravel. Discussion about term of Bookcliff contract and possibility of searching for other landscaping company in the future.

Dog Waste Expense:
Discussion about fines do not really deter offenders. Discussion about three rental units with dog waste problems.

Highway 6 Discussion:
Discussion about drainage and broken pipe on East alley. Perhaps coordinate this with Cdot and town plans for roundabouts since Highway 6 will be torn up, projected start 2025. Gene concerned about water running down East alley and flooding.
Tim coordinating pros and cons of proposed options. He could not make tonight’s meeting. He is working with a Cdot person that he has worked with previously.

New Business: New Board Members, No discussion

Old Business: None discussed, Meeting adjourned.


Attendees: Ray Musser, Kristie Musser, Linda & Dave Odette, Ruth Young, Gene

Per Gene Fourney's request, N. Elzas adding the following to the Sept 13 Meeting Minutes: Options 1,2,3 and 4 were discussed. Option 3 with intersection created at Montclair and US6 was rejected by board members and residents in attendance. There were some objections to Option 4 where the current intersection at Montclair & frontage road would be closed. It was decided that Montclair HOA Board would come to consensus on which option they favored to make a recommendation to CDOT.