Quarterly Board Meeting

Posted by Nelz
Meeting Date: 
Sunday, February 4, 2024 - 06:00

Montclair Drive HOA Meeting 6:00 PM February 4

Meeting called to order at 6:06 PM

Attendees: Nancy Elzas, Ray Musser, Tim Laudick, Nancy Lewis, Sandie Cooper, Gene Fourney, Bill Carlson, Buck

Approve Minutes from Last Meeting
Motion to Approve by Ray. Motion Seconded by Tim. Motion passed.

Financial Report - Profit/Loss & Actual Expenses to Budget for 2023
$2,134 Net Operating Income. Gene asking why at October meeting we thought we had $8k left over, but two landscaping payments had not been paid. Gene asking what % on Savings A/C. Motion to xfer $5K from Ckg to Savings by Tim. Sandie seconded. Motion passed.

Motion to approve Financials report by Ray, Seconded by Tim. Motion Passed.

Discussion about dues payments received and one bounced check.

Status on Projects

Capital Improvements & Mx – Total $6,099 - Curbing $1055 + Galaxy Seal Coat & Crack Seal $5044.
Discussion on Liability insurance coverage – Tim thinks it is $1M.
Irrigation Mx - $3,500 Budget for 2024 requested by Ray, Tim suggested it remain at $3,000.
Landscape Replacement & Repair $945
Licenses & Permits $50
Miscellaneous Exp $200
Dog Bags $50
Office Supplies $700
Prof Fees $0
Stripe Fees $200 Exp, $200 Rev
Utilities (Power to the Pump) $1,200 ($100/mo)

Tim Laudick: Review 830-832 Montclair Curbing Quotes to Approve & Include in 2024 Budget. Tim motions to use T&S Landscape for Curbing $1,050, Sandie Cooper seconded. Motion passed.

Tim Laudick: Review Crack & Seal Quotes to Approve & Include in 2024 Budget
Valley possibly more professional per Tim Laudick. Cracks re-done 4 years ago. The purpose of sealing is to keep water out. Tim motions for Galaxy Contract $5,044, Nancy Lewis seconded. Motion passed.

Nancy Lewis: Review Tree Maintenance Quotes to Approve & Include in 2024 Budget - Buck mentioned that fertilizer on yard is sufficient for mature trees. T4 was bought by another company. Nancy Lewis and Bill Carlson were impressed by Alpine Tree knowledge. Discussion about Mugho Pines – should they rip them out or let them die, or add mulch? Motion by Nancy Lewis to use Alpine Tree Care $5,350, Sandie Cooper Seconded. Motion passed.

Tim Laudick/Ray Musser/Gene Fourney: Review Landscaping Quotes to Approve & Include in 2024 Budget
Landscaping Mx Contract – Previously used WD Yards about 6 years ago. Bookcliff was lower bid when we changed to Bookcliff and the feeling at the time was that WD Yards was unresponsive to our calls. WD Yards would do as needed grass clippings but no extra charge. Bookcliff gave a price for grass clippings on an as needed basis. Peaceful Valley thought fertilization adjustment could control amount of grass clippings and they would charge for pickup of grass clippings. Ray mentioned that the three bids are the top 3 landscaping companies of the valley. Each company was asked to provide notification of when they will do things other than weekly lawnmowing. Discussion of WD 2-year contract, Bookcliff on a 3-year. 30-day cancellation on a contract whether it is one, two or three years. Motion by Nancy L. to contract with WD Yards for 3-year contract and Ray Musser seconded. Motion passed. $30,181 for 2024.

2024 Budget - Discuss & Approve to present at Annual HOA Meeting. Tim’s calculations for 2024 budget are $44,100 Income, $48,675 expenses. Tim motion to approve, seconded by Sandie Cooper. Motion passed.

Architectural Committee - Tim Laudick – there are residents who will get second notices and possibly some new notices to go out soon.

Old Business:
Update on Montclair HOA Tailwater Issue Discussions – Tabled. Gene did not receive any response from letter to Mayor.
Discussion on HOA Document Review – Tabled – Tim and Committee still working on it.

New Business:
Discuss Waste Management Trash Containers – WM can remove your bin, there are smaller ones. Ray proposes that receptacles should be behind a screen barrier or in garage. All agree that two large trashcans look horrible. Residents can contact TOP to request smaller bins.

Treasurer - Tim nominates Nancy E, seconded by Ray. Motion Passed. Tim volunteered to be Secy.

Clearnetworx - Status of Sidewalk Repair/Fiber Service; new sidewalk poured. No conclusive news on fiber service, they will call customers to get turned on.

Dues - Ray suggested 2025 dues increase of 5% since our landscaping costs increasing. Gene wants to discuss later after March meeting is held since we just informed residents of 2024 dues increases.

Meeting adjourned 8:01 pm