Montclair Welcome, Info and Rules

03 Mar 2016

Posted by rfay

We want to welcome you to the Montclair Subdivision. We'd love to have you participate in the community and are glad to have you as neighbors. You're always welcome to contact us with questions or concerns by using the contact form on the website, (there are phone numbers there too). And we invite you to the quarterly board meetings, which are always scheduled on the right side of the website ( and also posted on the message board near the mailboxes.

  • Our website,, has info and links and contacts for most anything you'd want to know.
  • The HOA is responsible for landscaping, mowing, and maintenance of the common areas. Owners and residents are responsible for everything else.
  • Trash pickup is on Friday mornings and is managed by the Town of Palisade.
  • Mailboxes are managed by the USPS, contact the local post office for more information and keys.
  • Lawns must be clear for mowing on lawn day each week.
  • Please don't alter sprinkler settings. Use the contact form if you need changes.
  • Pets must be under direct control of the owner. Dog waste must be cleaned up, and residents are responsible for this and may be charged if cleanup is required, see .
  • Please shovel snow immediately after snowfall. Snow removal is critical to our community's health and safety.
  • Please drive through the neighborhood as though your own children were playing in the street.
  • Each residence has two parking spaces in the driveway; guests may park temporarily on the street; parking on the sidewalk is not allowed. Vehicles larger than a standard pickup truck should not be parked on the street, except very temporarily.
  • The vineyard at the south end of Montclair Drive is off-limits to people and pets.
  • There is no access to Riverbend Park from the south end of Montclair Drive. Adjacent properties to the south-end area are privately owned. The irrigation canal is not a recreational area and no public access is allowed.

-Your neighbors and friends on the HOA Board