Montclair HOA Quarterly Meeting 9/18/2018

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 19:00

Present: Dan Bollig, Dan Collins (813), Randy Fay (Secretary), Nancy Lewis, Ray Musser (Vice President), Tim Laudick (President)

Tim called the meeting to order at 7:35pm


  • Sandie Cooper was not here but provided the financial statement attached..
  • The utility bill seems to be down, which is good; We assume it's because of reduced because lower water usage (every other day).
  • Significant arrears on one unit, which is near sale, so that should work out OK. (Update: The unit was sold and the arrears were settled.)
  • Randy moved/ Ray seconded, unanimously accepted

Landscaping Committee Report

  • New concrete edging was done and is already reflected in financial report.
  • Irrigation shutoff is coming up soon (turn-on was handled by Bookcliff).
  • Tim thanked Ray for responding to many issues.
  • East Commons area - Tim put more soil conditioner and such on there. He will do another dose. Dan Bollig said it looks better than it ever has.
  • Concrete edging future project: Should be budgeted for next year. But we might be on his schedule for a bit more this year (although the vendor discouraged us from it, expecting it will not be possible). Nancy moved to authorize $1000 for additional edging; Ray seconded. Accepted unanimously. But likely next year, not this year.
  • Randy moves purchase of wagon that Tim recommends $75, Nancy seconds, unanimously accepted
  • Shrub replacement is needed, as we have many stressed shrubs. We need to figure out if there might be a reason. Discussion of how to mark dead shrubs and debug problems with water delivery. First step is to identify the dead shrubs, second step find out if the water is right, 3rd is to replace them. Dan Bollig will tag bad shrubs. Discussion followed about having a replacement plan every year.

Architectural Committee

  • Inspection of structures: Tim says we/he should walk the neighborhood again this year and let people know if they need to do some work.
  • Letter of enforcement issues. We agreed on this path:
  1. List what the issues are that we care about (roof, driveway, sidewalk, fascia/soffit, stucco).
  2. Decide How enforcement happens and what the fees (or even rebilling) are
  3. Communicate this well to membership.

The first step is to walk the neighborhood and figure out what issues are most important to us. Randy will arrange this for the board.

Old Business

  • Paint colors for website: Ray has them, will get them to Randy
  • Shaw property development. Randy suggests that we make contact with the developer directly. Ron will call Ron Quarles to find out what has happened now.

New business

  • Ute water HOA workshop: Randy went to the workshop and sent out an email summarizing it.
  • Nancy wants sunken areas between 848 and 852 to be filled/raised.

Next meeting

  • December 6, 2018

Action items

  • Dan Bollig will tag bad shrubs as first step.
  • Tim will contact vendor about more concrete edging work this year.
  • Tim will do annual followup walking the neighborhood to look for structural issues.
  • Randy will organize a meeting/neighborhood walk to determine priorities for rule-making.
  • Ray will get paint colors so we can put them on website. (including stucco)
  • Ray will call Ron Quarles to get an update on the Shaw development.
  • Sandie will prepare initial budget planning information for the December meeting.
  • Ray will get Bookcliff proposal for next year.
  • Evaluate how Bookcliff has done and meet with them to go over issues and hopes.