Montclair HOA Board Meeting

Posted by Nelz
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, March 8, 2022 - 06:00

Meeting called to order at 6:12 PM Tuesday March 8, 2022. Board members in attendance: Ray Musser, Nancy Lewis, Randy Fay, Sandy Cooper, Nancy Elzas, and HOA member Kristy Musser.

Randy Fay motioned acceptance of 12/21 minutes and Nancy Lewis seconded. All present
in favor.

Treasurer Report: Financials dated March 8 presented by Randy Fay. Discussion about projected expenses exceeding income. Agreement that is okay due to reserve and probability that net profit will most likely be positive. Discussion about dues increase next year – goal is to have 1 year of expenses in reserve. Need to prepare homeowner’s that increase coming for next year. Sandy Cooper motioned to approve 2021 financials, Nancy Lewis. seconded. All present in favor.

Landscaping Report: (Ray Musser)
Visit with attorney Tammy Tallant – she said to ask Developer for changes Montclair HOA desires concerning Cresthaven easement and have Developer attorney write it up and re-submit to Montclair HOA.
Ray spoke to Garrett Davis to clarify that what is displaced on Montclair HOA property needs to be placed back as it was. Garrett Davis suggested they could do boulders instead of plants, but we still need to sign the easement.

Tailwater Drainage Problem:
Discussion, and board in consensus that we should initially meet with property owner and renter to establish a way to block water off for now. Nancy L. working on setting up a meeting with Ray Musser, Tim L, Cdot, Town and property owner.

Old Poop Business:
Poop company informed Nancy Lewis of one problem house, Ray Musser mentioned that another property is also in need of cleanup – Consensus among board that notices need to be sent out to these two properties. Nancy Lewis will work with Poop company concerning notices.
• Randy Fay will research why Montclair HOA didn’t pay the $50 DORA HOA membership for 2021.
• Tim/Ray will pursue updating plat.
• Tim/Ray meeting with property owner and renter to get water blocked for the short-term.
• Nancy Lewis organizing Tailwater Drainage Meeting with Ray Musser, Tim Laudick, Cdot, Town and property owner to be in attendance.
• Nancy Lewis working with Poop pickup company to send notices to two properties.

Nancy Elzas motioned to adjourn, Randy Fay seconded, all present approved.