9-8-2015 P&L

28 Sep 2015
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2015 Approved Budget

23 Jan 2015
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 The 2015 Approved Budget is at link.

Vineyard Lease

13 Nov 2014
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 As of June, 2014, the Town of Palisade continues to work with Montclair Subdivision, so far at the town's expense, toward a solution for the tail-water issue. While the Town of Palisade and the Montclair Subdivision work to find a permanent solution that is amenable to both parties, the drain has been temporarily diverted to avoid the issues we've had in past years with tailwater surfacing along the old path of the drainage.

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Payments required under the association's governing documents are due on the first day of the month on each calendar quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1). If a member does not pay in full any expense due to the association within 30 days after its due date, the payment will be deemed delinquent.

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 In August, 2012, the Montclair HOA board authorized contracting attorney Joe Croker for an opinion concerning exterior maintenance of grounds and other 

 Attached is the legal opinion from Joe Croker. He agrees that the HOA is accountable mostly for 

  •  Common property
  •  Landscaping

and that things like sidewalks on private property are not the responsibility of the HOA. (Note that the private lots extend clear to the street, according to the plats we have.)

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This is the handout with welcome info, contact info, and rules and regulations that we try to give to every new resident.

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 Here is the current liability insurance policy.


2013 Approved Budget

14 Jan 2013
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 Attached are the 2013 proposed and approved budgets, to be voted on at the 2013 Annual Meeting, February 17, 2013, 4:00pm, Cathy O'Shana's house, 865 Montclair.

The final budget was approved at the annual meeting February 17, 2013, with one change: An additional line item was added for Tree Trimming, $600. And $600 was removed from the reserve fund line item.

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Montclair HOA, Palisade, Colorado, June 29, 2019

(Note that this policy has been in effect since 2012, but was modified June 20, 2019 just to increase the monthly assessment to $80)

Weekly Dog Poop Pickup Service

Our policy is and always has been that every dog owner is responsible for keeping all waste cleaned up at all times, dogs are never to run free, and property owners are responsible for keeping their own properties cleaned up.


We have hired Oopsie Poopsie to do a bi-weekly dog poop pickup and funding this by identifying the property owners that need the pickup.


What are we doing?

  1. Keep our grounds free of dog poop.
  2. Make it easy for dog owners who may slip to get their property cleaned up.
  3. Make dog owners who do not clean up successfully (or the property owner) pay for the cleanup.


This simple initiative has resulted in a cleaner neighborhood with much less pestering and whining about the problem.


The next page has questions and answers about the weekly dog poop pickup. More Questions? Call or email board president Tim Laudick, 970-618-3531. Thanks so much for your cooperation on this.


- The Montclair HOA Board


Questions and Answers about the Dog Poop Pickup


Who cleans up?  Ooopsie Poopsie,,, 970-270-0329

When do they clean up? Every second week

Who pays for this? Any property that has a pickup in a given month will have $80 added to their next HOA dues bill.  The property owner, of course, pays the HOA dues, but may make any arrangement necessary with a renter if there is one.

What if somebody else's dog poops on my property? We'll do our level best to communicate with you and figure out which dog and which owner is the problem.  We'll ask you. If you don't have a dog and there's poop on your lawn... well, that's pretty easy.

How will I know if dog poop was found on my property? Ooopsie Poopsie will leave a little "You've been scooped" note on your front door.

Can I just get Oopsie Poopsie to do this for me all the time? Sure, easy. We'll just set you up with them and they will do your yard every week and will charge you $8/week.  It goes without saying you still have to keep control of your dog and pick up after them yourself any time they might be somewhere else on the block.

How much will this cost me? The most it could ever cost you is $80/month. If you don't have a dog it will never cost you anything.

What if I have other questions? Call or email Tim Laudick, 970-618-3531.


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Here are zipped archives of old meeting minutes and budget work from 2008, 2009, 2010.

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Montclair Homeowners Association Rental or Non-Owner Resident Notification


2011 Proposed Budget

17 Dec 2010
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Landscape Maintenance $ 17,500.00

Landscape Replacement $ 500.00

Pond Dredging $ 1,000.00

Pump aerator/upgrades $ 1,000.00

Irrigation Upkeep (Ed Stehlin) $ 1,500.00