Dog Poop Pickup Requirement and Fine (Updated 2022)

Posted by rfay

Montclair HOA, Palisade, Colorado, June 29, 2022

(Note that this policy has been in effect since 2012, but was modified June 20, 2019 to increase the monthly assessment to $80)



What do we want?

  1. Keep our grounds free of dog poop.
  2. Make dog owners who do not clean up successfully (or the property owner) pay for the cleanup.


This simple initiative has resulted in a cleaner neighborhood with much less pestering and whining about the problem.


What should I do?


  • Please pick up after your dog immediately after they poop.
  • Please do not let your dog wander the neighborhood unattended.

Note that although we had a professional poop-pickup service in the past, we no longer have that. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to keep things picked up.


- The Montclair HOA Board


Questions and Answers about the Dog Poop Pickup


Who pays for this? Any property that has a pickup in a given month will be fined $80.  The property owner, of course, pays the HOA dues, but may make any arrangement necessary with a renter if there is one.

What if somebody else's dog poops on my property? We'll do our level best to communicate with you and figure out which dog and which owner is the problem.  We'll ask you. If you don't have a dog and there's poop on your lawn... well, that's pretty easy.

How much will this cost me? The most it could ever cost you is $80/month. If you don't have a dog it will never cost you anything.

What if I have other questions? Call or email Nancy Lewis, 970-462-7450, nancy (at)