Regular quarterly meeting

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 19:00

March 14, 2018 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

Tim Laudick called the meeting to order at 7:07pm.

Present: Tim laudick, Ray Musser, Randy Fay, Nancy Lewis

Financial Reports: The board approved financial reports (attached) from Sandie Cooper, who was not present.

2018 Proposed Budget Review and Questions:
* See Proposed Budget which will be voted on at annual meeting.
* Adjusted total income for the year to match the fact that dues go up to $88/month in April.
* Oopsie Poopsie dog pickup adjusted to 2x/month for $810/year. The policy remains the same, although future discussion about how to reach members who may need to contribute more may need to happen. (Randy Fay moved, Nancy Lewis seconded, unanimous).
* Irrigation repair has turned out lower than expected, so adjusted that down.


  • Bookcliff Gardens was coming out to walk the neighborhood. Ray had not walked it with them yet, but will try to do that.
  • Irrigation main feed repairs are done, and they cost us nothing in the end. Ray will manage the turnup.
  • Algae control discussion again. Bookcliff Gardens apparently offers this service. Ray will contact them about this.
  • Question: When will pond be dredged? (Apparently dredging was not in the landscaping contract)
  • Landscaping Board Policy: Only Ray (or whoever is the landscape coordinator, currently Ray) will communicate with Bookcliff (except in an emergency of course)
  • Concrete edging remains a future project.
  • Neighborhood work day tentatively scheduled for April 21, Nancy will organize it.


  • Tim Laudick expects some updates to existing structures based on the letters he sent out last year requesting improvements.
  • Problems with places that need cleanup: We need to develop a way to notify owners with explicit consequences and deadline. This will be discussed at annual meeting. It was suggested that we find out what other HOAs are doing when problems come up. Letters should be to landlord and renter, and have a deadline and an amount.
  • Basketball goal. Nancy will see if she can find Mel and talk about basketball goal so we can get it out of the neighborhood.

New business:

  • Shaw property redevelopment concerns. Orchard will be here this season. Ray will check with Ron Quarles about how the process goes.
  • Next quarterly meeting: Wed June 13, 7pm, 844 Montclair Dr.
  • Annual Meeting March 29, 2018, 7pm, 844 Montclair Dr.

The meeting adjourned at 8:41pm

Action Items:

  • Randy post the Bookcliffs schedule on site.
  • Ray: Talk to Bookcliff about fixing metal edging
  • Ray: Walkthrough with Bookcliff, turn on
  • Ray: Contact Bookcliff about algae control.
  • Ray: Ask Bookcliff if they could fix up the loose metal edging
  • Nancy: Coordinate a work day (3rd week April) 21 April?
  • Annual Meeting: How to deal with people
  • Randy: Propose a draft letter and consequences, etc.
  • Nancy: contact Mel, maybe Tanya, Send letter with 30 days.
  • Ray: Get stucco color and brand, for website
  • Ray: Talk to Ron Quarles and report what the process of the development is.
  • Randy: Notification about annual meeting
  • Nancy: Walk the neighborhood about the annual meeting.