Regular Quarterly Meeting 12/6/2018

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 19:00

Tim Laudick called the meeting to order at 7:14pm.

Present: Randy Fay, Nancy Lewis, Dan Bollig, Tim Laudick, Ray Musser, Sandie Cooper

Landscaping report (Ray Musser)

  • Review of Bookcliff Gardens 2018 Performance
    • Not much contact with mowers, trimmers, but lots with irrigation. He was very pleased with Joe, who was responsible for irrigation.
    • We had less dry spots than previous years.
  • Other landscaping
    • Dan Bollig submitted a report on shrubs, finding lots of stressed plants.
    • The pump was turned off early October.
    • The pump is making noise, Ray and Tim will pull it this month and get it going. Will get new motor.
      • Concrete edging proposal. No more work was done this fall. Pricing
        for various work for next year (attached)

Treasurer's Report (Sandie Cooper)

* We received a bit more income than expected.
* Ending the year about $4000 under expense budget
* Oopsie Poopsie hasn't been charging extra, even for the place across the street that has been problematic.
* Discussion about filing old records: Sandie wants to get rid of the large collection of paper she has. In the future we will use dropbox for these records. The old paper records are to be placed in a plastic tub and put in the pumphouse.
* Ray Musser moved, Randy Fay seconded approval of report, accepted unanimously.
* Ray suggests that we go to email invoices, once per year.
* Proposed 2019 Budget: see link
* It was decided to send out only one annual dues invoice (even though quarterly coupons will be included). [Edit 2019-01-19: This annual notification already went out; it is the responsibility of each member to send the quarterly dues on time.]
* Significant discussion about trying to move this entire process to email/electronic notification, and to try to get everybody to pay electronically, which would help Sandie quite a lot.

Action items
* Randy: Present landscaping/architecture enforcement strategy at annual meeting
* Ray: At the annual meeting explain the requirement for architectural review.

Quarterly meeting set for March 21, 2019
Annual Meeting set for April 4, 2019
Meeting was Adjourned 9:30pm