2023-10-29 Quarterly meeting

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Meeting Date: 
Sunday, October 29, 2023 - 19:00

Meeting Called to Order at 7:15 PM

Attendees: Nancy Elzas, Gene Fourney, Nancy Lewis, Linda Odette, Tim Laudick, Ray Musser

Quick discussion about cars parked on the street, Town of Palisade put notices on certain cars, owners are notified that they have a certain amount of time to move their cars.

Approve Minutes From Last Meeting

Motion to approve by Randy, Tim seconded motion, passed’

Financial Report
No financial report available at meeting, but reports are on the website per Randy. Randy showed Gene the financials on the website. Gene questions whether financial report should be available to public. Randy Fay - $11K in Checking, $37K in Reserve and all dues for 3rd quarter paid except 3 units. Linda asked if liability insurance to be paid in December is for 2024 – Randy verbally verified.
October expenses included $455 for irrigation maintenance, landscape contract payment, and a couple other minor expenses. Discussion of dog bags and payments; Linda bought bags and she could be reimbursed. Gene asked if Bookcliff has additional work for 2023, and do we owe them any additional money. Per Randy we have some additional expenses. Ray responded that they have Fall cleanup, and bush trimming. Gene also asked if bushes had been trimmed. Nancy L. and Ray explained what bushes had been trimmed. Ray mentioned that if anyone wanted roses trimmed perfectly, one may have to do some additional trimming. City cleans off leaves from street once a week until they are gone. Tim Laudick checked pump house, and he found detached panels from metal posts. This was repaired by Tim & Ray including re-screwing fence, and they also re-stained the whole fence. Gene asked what we do with $7K projected to be remaining at the end of the year. Randy suggested that we could vote and move to approve at least 75% of this money to Reserve Account.

Motion to approve Financials (no hard copy distributed at meeting) by Gene, seconded by Ray, motion passed, two members abstained from voting.

2024 Budget
Discussion of preparation and approval of 2024 budget with Gene
Curbing $1055.25 per quote 11/1/23 T&S Landscape
Asphalt Repair
Tree Trimming
Landscape Contract – new bids will be obtained.
Move 75% of leftover funds to Reserve? – need to vote on this.

Status on Projects:
• Tim Laudick: Discuss/Approve 830-832 Montclair Curbing Quote – Tim needs to think this should be under Capital Improvements; $1,000-Completed and adding to 2024 Budget list.
• Nancy Lewis: Trees to remove and haul off - Discuss T4/Handyman Quotes – Completed per Nancy Lewis.
• Nancy Lewis & Ray Musser: To check on any small branches to be trimmed that are not on the schedule – Nancy said no more money for 2023, and recommends we add to budget in 2024. Probably need a quote from T4 per Nancy. Ray said we did get a bid to trim all for $7,000, and we only did a portion for $1,600. Linda suggested we look at additional bids in the future. Tim suggested T4 finish trimming this year with $ left for 2023, so that we can get them all on a cycle. Nancy says T4 has records of what has been trimmed. Ray recommends we get a quote from T4 for additional trimming and explore if they do this work this year or next Spring – Nancy L. will get a quote from T4, and Ray will obtain an additional quote.
• Ray Musser & Tim Laudick: Adding sand to the cracks in both alley ways. Ray purchased 5-gallon bucket of crack-filling compound and sand – he tested this on one crack at his unit. He thinks it did a good job and he used about 25% of a 5-gallon bucket. He said most other cracks are larger and wants to get a proposal from an asphalt company to fix the cracks. Tim will get the bids.

Architectural Committee - Tim Laudick

Old Business:

• Randy – invoice from Bookcliff that hasn’t been paid $164.

• Discussion about cars parked on the street, Town of Palisade put notices on certain cars, owners are notified that they have a certain amount of time to move their cars.

New Business:
• Review current Bookcliff Gardens Landscaping Contract to present to other landscape companies for bids to be discussed and approved prior to Spring 2024. Ray reviewed current contract, provided these items to Gene and recommended additional items such as thatching, grass clipping pickup, spraying weeds in lawn, and holding pond cleanout. Discussion about other landscapers. Ray recommends that we need to hire a company who can do all the work. Ray said to review past minutes for bids from the past. Ray getting bids from WD Yards and Bookcliff. Gene getting bids from Peaceful Valley and Mt Garfield and one more. Tim and/or Ray will walk the property with potential landscapers as needed. Contract needs to be approved by Board before end of 2023.
• Review CDOT Proposed Plan for Elberta Roundabout – Gene attended TOP meeting. Gene presented the layout for the roundabout to us. A CDOT public open house will be held in January. Tim spoke to CDOT employees about drainage. Gene will discuss with Mayor.
• Update on Montclair HOA Tailwater Issue Discussions – discussion about who owns the pipe. Tim recommends that we notify CDOT about the tailwater issue in writing. Randy recommends a lawyer letter to CDOT and Town of Palisade. Gene talking to TOP Public Works Director and will attend the CDOT meeting and find the Supervisor who can be informed and assist with resolution and Gene to provide written notification to TOP and/or CDOT.
• Discussion on HOA Document Review – Sandie Cooper, Linda Odette and Tim Laudick met weekly and reviewed covenants. Tim wants to know who has the seal – Randy and Nancy verified it was at their house in an outdoor safe. Tim suggested Montclair HOA should have a Safe Deposit Box for our seal. Linda questioned which documents are the current docs. 2014 Bylaws Amendment is the most current per Randy. Long discussion about possibility of minor changes to website to make it more user friendly, ownership of website and future of website. Randy not willing to re-design website as it is a very time-consuming task. Tim will have committee prepare a non-legal doc for HOA that will recap our covenants and bylaws.
• Nancy L. and Randy will be in South America December and January. Randy plans to send invoices Jan 1, and have Tim retrieve checks, and deposit them. Gene, new President, should be added on Bank Account and Ray removed, when Randy returns from So. America. Ray currently has the debit card. Ray is still Board Member. Notify all members of dues increase and why – Gene will send this in November.
• Next meeting date Feb 4, 2024 6:00 PM. Budget planning & approval.
• March meeting March 24, 2024 6:00, Annual Meeting 7:00.
• Nancy E. will re-send Meeting minutes to all Board members before each meeting. Nancy E. would also like a Treasurer’s report provided to all Board members before the Board meeting.
Summary of Action Items:
• Tree Trimming - Nancy L. will get a quote from T4, and Ray will obtain an additional quote. The quotes should include information on whether the work will be done in 2023 or 2024.

• Asphalt Crack Repairs - Tim Laudick will obtain bids.

• Landscape Contract – Ray obtaining bids from WD Yards and Bookcliff. Gene obtaining bids from Peaceful Valley, Mt Garfield and one more. Contract needs to be approved by Montclair HOA Board before end of 2023.

• Elberta Roundabout – Gene discussing CDOT plan with TOP Mayor.

• Montclair Tailwater Issue – Gene will attend the CDOT meeting and find the Supervisor who can assist wand resolve the tailwater issue Gene to provide written notification to TOP and/or CDOT.

• HOA Document Review – Tim will have Committee prepare a non-legal document summarizing HOA covenants and bylaws.

• Bank Account – Gene to be added as New President, Ray removed. This is to be done when Randy returns in early February.

• Notification of Dues Increase – Gene will send notification in November.

• Meeting Minutes – Nancy E. will send minutes to all Board members a couple of days before the next Board meeting. Nancy E. would also like a Treasurer’s report (Balance Sheet and Income Statement) sent out a couple of days before the Board meeting.
Motion to Adjourn 9:35 pm by Randy Fay, seconded by Nancy Lewis, Meeting adjourned.


Randy Fay was in attendance at this meeting