Board Meeting, January 31, 2009

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Meeting Date: 
Saturday, January 31, 2009 - 19:00

January 31, 2009 

Minutes from the Montclair HOA Board Meeting. 

1. The meeting was called to order by the president. Board members present were Renee Edel, Duke Cox, Peggy Cox, and John Baker. Ray Musser stopped by briefly to drop-off a landscape quote. Vickie Miller, the Treasurer, was also present. 

2. The Board reviewed and approved the agenda for the Annual Meeting, see the enclosed agenda.  

3. It was decided that the Board would purchase a firebox to store documents. John will buy the firebox.  

4. The Bylaws were completed by the attorney and are in the possession of the Board. These documents will be kept in the firebox. The certificates need to be signed by each member at the annual meeting. 

5. A proposal was made by Peggy to install a fence around the east side of the pump-house/pond to improve appearance and decrease the noise. The estimate was approximately $1500.00. It was agreed that more investigating should be done to see if the cost could be decreased. It was also decided that the pump-house should be insulated and a cooling fan installed before the spring. John made the motion and Renee 2nd , the motion past unanimously.  

6. It was agreed that a separate account for the Capital Reserve Fund should be opened. 

7. Financials were reviewed. $10,000 approximately is in the checking account. 

8. The 2008 Profit and Loss data will be reviewed at the homeowners meeting. This will serve as an audit for the Treasurer. 

9. Kaibab Suavage is now hesitant to plant grapes on the HOA south land per Ray Musser. This subject will be reviewed at the Homeowners Meeting. 

10. No member has contacted the Board with interest to serve on the Board. 

11. The Board decided to be more active with enforcing the $25.00 late charge regarding dues. This will be stated once more at the annual meeting before it is started. Vickie is spending too much time calling and ‘hunting down’ HOA dues. 

12. The meeting was adjouned.

Renee Edel