Quarterly HOA meeting, December 5, 2017

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 19:00

Present: Tim Laudick, Ray Musser, Sandie Cooper, Mike Davis, Nancy Lewis, Randy Fay

Tim Laudick called the meeting to order 7:05pm

The minutes from the 9/20/2017 meeting were approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report, Sandie Cooper

Sandie Cooper presented the treasurer's report along with a 3-year Balance sheet. It appears to show we're $5500 lower in total assets than at this time in 2016.

There is only one outstanding receivable, one unit that has not paid for 3 quarters. Sandie has called them, and hopes to see a check soon.

Discussion about the report followed. The question about difference in this year's assets led to a desire to revisit and perhaps revise the reports. Sandie Cooper and Randy Fay will meet to see what the issue might be.

2018 Budget planning, Sandie Cooper

New landscape bids have been received. Based on those the budget for the landscape contract should be $26,000, as compared to $24,753 for 2017.

The board walked though the line items in the budget and, will finalize the proposal before the HOA annual meeting, when it will be presented for a vote of the membership. Working version of 2018 budget.

Landscaping report, Mike Davis

Irrigation Main Break Report

Mike Davis presented an outline of the irrigation main break we had in late season. See October 2017 Irrigation Main Incident Report for full details.

The basics of the current situation:

  • The actual irrigation main failure was repaired.
  • In the process it was discovered that we didn't have a working head gate, and also that Palisade Irrigation's upstream gate was faulty. Both must be replaced.
  • Currently we don't currently have a main irrigation valve or a connection to the Palisade Irrigation system.
  • It was discovered that the main runs closer to several units than we would prefer. Although it runs entirely on HOA property, we wish that it weren't within a few feet of the foundations of those units.
  • The board will consider three options for hooking up the main again:
    1. Install new head gate and install as it was before. (remove concrete box, add 6-8 feet of new pipe, add new valve, and connect to new stub).
    2. Install a new head gate in the same place and reroute the main using Palisade Irrigation's easement to move the line farther from the units it's close to.
    3. Change the irrigation main attachment point to a location on the west side of the subdivision. This would require easement/access from one of our neighbors on the west side.
  • Quotes have been received for options 1 and 2; option 1 will cost around $4500; there may be ways to bring this down a bit.
  • Hooking back up by whatever means must be accomplished before the Spring turn-on of irrigation water.

Overall status of landscaping

The irrigation system has been winterized adequately by WD Yards.

Landscaping Quotes

Mike Davis obtained bids from five landscape firms for 2018.

Randy moved and Mike seconded, agreed to drop WD Yards as our landscape contractor for 2018. Unanimously approved.

Nancy Lewis moved, Randy Fay seconded, and the board unanimously approved to retain Bookcliff Gardens. Some conversations may be undertaken to fine-tune the pricing.

Architectural Followup: Tim Laudick

Tim Laudick has sent out letters to a number of people. There is nothing more to be done at this time. Tim will follow up in the Spring.

Followups of unfinished business

There are a few things still not done from previous action items; they are listed again in this meeting's action items, below.

New business

  • Followup on Shaw rezone (to residential). The orchard to the west of the subdivision is being rezoned from agricultural (AFT) to residential (MDR). We're tracking this change, but have little way to affect it. It probably means that the orchard will be redeveloped as residential in coming years.
  • Next board meeting January 10, 2017, 7pm, 844 Montclair Dr.: This is a special meeting to discuss/plan fee raise and budget. Before we can do it we have to read the covenants and bylaws. Resolution of irrigation situation (which has to be done by March).
  • Next regular quarterly board meeting: March 14, 2018, 7pm, 844 Montclair Dr.
  • Annual member meeting March 29, 2018, 7pm, home of Mike Davis, 857 Montclair Dr.

The meeting was adjourned 10:00pm

Action Items from this meeting:

  • Randy and Sandie: Resolve possible problems with income statement or balance sheet, decide on accrual vs cash accounting.
  • Tim: Find out if our irrigation system could skip the pond and direct connect to Palisade Irrigation.
  • Mike and Tim: Make initial approach to Shaw or other landowners concerning running line through his property.
  • Randy will do regular updates of contacts on website (from Xero)
  • Ray: Get specific information from our founding documents about what we have to do to raise dues.

Action Items remaining from 9/20/2017 board meeting:

  • Tim: Follow up on whether we can use fish to manage the algae in the settling pond.
  • Tim: Plan the annual meeting announcement (by mail and other ways) with plenty of time so people know about it a month before the meeting.
  • Tim/Ray will organize a list of colors for the neighborhood
  • Mike will make sure that adding landscaping to the north end by the sign gets planned and budgeted.