Quarterly HOA Board Meeting 9/20/2017

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 19:00

Tim Laudick called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

Present: Nancy Lewis (landscaping), Mike Davis, Ray, Randy Fay (secretary), Sandie Cooper (treasurer), Tim Laudick (president)

  • Accepting June 1, 2017 minutes: Moved by Ray Musser seconded by Sandie Cooper unanimously accepted.
  • Treasurer's Report - Sandie Cooper (attached)
    • We have accounts receivable of about $1000 outstanding, all overdue HOA member dues.
    • An unknown long-time "undeposited funds" amount of $240 has been a thorn to Sandie Cooper. Randy Fay moved to allow a ledger entry to clear the problem and ignore it, Nancy Lewis seconded, passed unanimously. Sandie will take care to annotate the ledger entry with the situation and this motion.
    • The board agreed to consolidate Postage, office, and accounting categories for next year's budget.
    • Discussion: Purchasing pump parts (Irrigation maintenance $3K). The board had ordered purchase of reserve pump parts at the March 9, 2017 board meeting, but it has not yet been done. The board reiterated that these parts should be purchased on the current budget. Ray Musser is assigned the task.
    • Sandie Cooper now maintains the authoritative contact list in Xero for all HOA members, with address/phone/email where available.
      , * Mike Davis moved, Ray Musser second seconded that the report be accepted and it was accepted unanimously.
  • Landscaping Report: Nancy Lewis
    • WD finished trimming for the winter. They say they'll do the big trim in the springtime.
    • WD didn't do the weeding of the big bush at 832.
    • Concern about foxtail weeds and WD Yards responsibility for them.
    • We definitely want to get bids this fall. We will solicit bids from WD, Deep Creek, Bookcliff Gardens.
    • Nancy Lewis resigned as Landscape Coordinator, and Mike Davis was appointed as the new landscape coordinator. (Thanks to both of you!) (The contact form on the website has been updated to reflect the new duties.)
    • Moss and Algae in pond (Ray) - Ongoing discussion of how to manage this, without a clear resolution.
    • East Commons Area (which was treated specially by WD): It had been doing very well, but now it's struggling. Nancy will follow up with WD Yards.
  • Concrete edging: We still have contractor on notice for first week of October to do edging for two residences, 805/807 $1300-ish. Randy moved, Mike seconded, unanimous. (Update: The concrete work was done at those residences and around our sign on September 27. However, the bill was $2,007.90, which was a surprise to all parties.)
  • The next meeting will be at Tim Laudick's house, 844 Montclair Drive, Palisade CO 81526, 7pm 12/5/2017 and will be primarily dedicated to preparing the 2018 budget, which Sandie Cooper is spearheading.
  • Architectural): Concerning annual inspections of existing structures: Tim Laudick sent letters to members whose units clearly needed maintenance. and had many responses. He expressed the opinion that in the future it would be best to do the whole structure at once, rather than per-unit, since it's unusual for one unit to need work and the others not. Discussion ensued about adding a fine to the whole process if needed.
  • The basketball goal at 837 was raised as a concern as the sidewalk was being blocked blocked. Tim talked with the resident about it. Suggestion was made and discussed to place it near the leaving pond at the southeast end. (Note that since the meeting the basketball goal appears to have been removed from the neighborhood.)
  • The previously proposed Fall neighborhood party is not happening as too many people are gone too much and nobody stepped up to organize it.
  • Open discussion: Nancy Lewis wants to add landscaping to the space behind the "Montclair" sign. That may affect the concrete edging there. Trellis and/or Juniper were suggested. Nancy will make sure this is considered for the 2018 budget.
  • Open discussion: Nancy is concerned about the deteriorating concrete at some residences. It was suggested to get a single concrete bid for all residences that have trouble, to get a better price for all.
  • 2018 Budget preparation: Sandie will prepare a basic budget proposal, but anybody that has extra things that should be planned for next year should contact her.

Tim Laudick closed the meeting at 9:08pm

Action Items

  • Nancy and Tim: will follow up with WD Yards to find out what our outstanding obligations are, make sure we are clear with them. Some recent repairs don't seem to appear on current invoices.
  • Ray: Purchase pump parts as earlier authorized.
  • Randy: Figure out how to import appropriate info from Xero for private placement on website.
  • Mike: Follow up on weeding at of big bush at 832, other weeding, other fall cleanup, especially weeds. Get WD to check clocks, because lots of things are dry.
  • Mike: Plan for bids for landscape.
  • Tim: Follow up on whether we can use fish to manage the algae in the settling pond.
  • Tim: Follow through on concrete edging go-ahead.
  • Randy: Make previous contracts private to website members.
  • Tim: At 12/5 Meeting plan announcements to membership about annual meeting.
  • Tim/Ray will organize a list of colors
  • Tim will send info about 851 to owners - there is damage happening to outside wall.
  • Tim will ask Bill if it's ok to put basketball goal back there.
  • Mike will make sure that adding landscaping to the north end by the sign gets planned and budgeted.
  • Sandie will add note to 4th quarter dues about shoveling and not using salt.
  • Sandie will prepare an initial budget proposal, to be ready for review and modification at the 12/5/2017 meeting. All members and board members are encouraged to contact her if there are priorities for 2018 spending which should be considered.

Budget items for consideration at 12/5/2017 meeting:

  • Landscaping near the sign