Extra Board Meeting 1/10/2018

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 19:00

President Tim Laudick called the meeting to order at 7:06. This was a meeting in addition to our normal quarterly board meeting, called because the board was unable to complete all the issues at the December 5, 2017 quarterly meeting

Present: Tim Laudick (President), Sandie Cooper (Treasurer), Ray Musser (Vice President), Mike Davis (Landscaping), Randy Fay (Secretary), Dan Bollig, Nancy Lewis

Treasurer's update from Sandie Cooper

  • Sandie provided a cash-basis balance sheet and income statement from 2017 (attached). Mike Davis moved, Nancy Lewis seconded, reports were accepted unanimously by the board.
  • One unit owner has still not paid for nearly a year. Sandie figured out late fees and interest for the outstanding amount of $1129. She sent a note with full information about it and the Montclair collection policy, and also offered a payment plan. Discussion followed with reaching this plan: On February 1 if no action has been achieved, Ray Musser will talk with them personally. On March 1 if no action Notice of Lien will be issued. On April 1 we'll file the lien if this hasn't been resolved.
  • Sandie has full list of disbursements, available at any time.

Landscaping update from Mike Davis

  • Bookcliff Gardens came out to double-check their bid (which we had decided to accept, pending negotiations). They did stand behind their bit, but didn't want to go lower.
  • Discussion: We need not just contract, but a set of policies, like when can they water, when do they do the trimming, who pays for broken stuff. Mike agreed to pursue this.
  • WD Yards has been notified that they're not selected for next year.
  • Discussion about irrigation repair connection: 3 options:
    • Hook up as is
    • Hook up and reroute where it is
    • Do a new hookup on the west side of the development
  • For the budget it was agreed to put $11K as the amount for this repair.

Budget and Dues Increase proposal

The board agreed that our dues of $80/month/unit are not keeping pace with the maintenance needs of the community, so will propose a 10% increase this year to $88/month. Mike Davis moved, Ray Musser seconded, and it passed unanimously.

The finalized budget proposal is ready for review, and will be offered to the membership at the March 29, 2018 Annual Meeting

Closing issues:

  • Tim Laudick: If you do something for somebody, talk to somebody about something, notify the board first.
  • Randy Fay raised concerns that our HOA should be gentle in the neighborhood with its approach to our neighbors, making clear policy and enforcing it gently.
  • Dan Bollig: Cherry tree needs to be pruned!

The next quarterly board meeting will be March 14, 2018, 7pm at 844 Montclair Dr.
The HOA's annual membership meeting will be March 29, 2018, 7pm, at a location to be determined.

Upcoming meetings are always on the right side of the website.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

Action items:

  • Tim Laudick and board: By Feb 1 decide actual plan for irrigation hookup.
  • Sandie Cooper (lead): By Feb 15 Finalize the budget and dues increase plan, write the explanation, send out the announcement.
  • Sandie Cooper and Ray Musser implement collection plan from our member that is behind (described above)
  • Mike Davis: finalize the landscaping contract.
  • Mike Davis: negotiate a full set of written landscaping policies and procedures with Bookcliff.
  • Mike Davis: Make sure cherry tree near Dan Bollig's house gets trimmed