Regular board meeting June 1, 2017

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 19:00

Present: Tim Laudick (President), Mike Davis, Nancy Lewis (Landscape), Sandie Cooper (Treasurer), Ray Musser (Vice President), Randy Fay (Secretary), Kristy Musser

Tim Laudick called the meeting to order at 7:15pm, June 1, 2017.

Ray moved to accept the March 14, 2017 HOA Meeting Minutes, Sandie Cooper seconded, approved unanimously. The minutes from the annual meeting were not addressed.

Treasurer' Report (Sandie Cooper):

  • We have about $53K total in our bank accounts
  • Accounts Receivable: $880 in 2nd quarter dues still out there, all 1st quarter dues have been collected.
  • Balance sheet and income statement are attached.
  • Net income on dog waste is slightly positive.
  • Off topic: Members are seeing problems with dog poop in common area, feel a need to increase pressure on owner of the problem dog(s). Sandie Cooper will send a separate bill to the problem owner.
  • Landscape repair amount is just for the work day supplies.
  • Professional fees is Xero Accounting monthly charge.

Mike Davis moved, Nancy Lewis seconded, treasurer's report was accepted unanimously.

Landscaping Report (Nancy Lewis):

  • WD Yards maintenance schedule is attached.
  • Some tree trimming has been done, fertilizing has been done.
  • Pumps purchase: Ray has not yet made the pump parts purchase, but plans to do it soon.
  • WD Yards did not turn off intake gate in the fall.
  • Lots of algae currently in the intake pond and the aerator is not functioning. This could threaten the intake.
  • WD Yards quote for east commons revamp: Ray was concerned that it's too much money, and that the issue is WD Yards not managing irrigation. Ray held a special meeting with Will and Mike (WD Yards) on site about irrigation issues. They suggest a soil rebuilding technique (quote attached). The clock for that area is now locked, but Ray is checking irrigation situation daily.
  • Kristy says mowing is wrong level (or not sharp enough blades).
  • Concrete edging bid attached from T&S Custom Curbing. The plan is to book their time for the fall, but cancel if we don't have adequate funds to do a small portion.


  • Approved (Ray/Sandie) Mike Davis' proposal for improvements at 857.
  • Tim provided a draft improvement request (attached). Discussion points: Provide standard colors/stain information, don't suggest automatically allowing painting with same color without approving quality.
  • Ray and Tim did an inspection (first annual) of the neighborhood. Now a letter has to be done for the owners that need to paint.

Unfinished Business

  • Asphalt cracking repair (attached, $585) - Randy Fay moved, Nancy Lewis seconded, unanimously approved. Tim will schedule the treatment.

New Business

  • Questions about VRBO/AirBnB/Short-term rentals. Our charter says that no leases may be shorter than 30 days. We should keep our eyes open. Town of Palisade has very specific regulations. Section 15 of the Covenants says quite clearly that "Lease" means any agreement to rent, and that no lease shall be for less than 30 days. Thus rentals of less than 30 days are explicitly forbidden by our Covenants.
  • Kristy Musser wants to plan a neighborhood get-together in September instead of the summer.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:57pm

Action Items

  • Randy to get WD Yards schedule onto website.
  • Randy will look into backups for Xero
  • Sandie Cooper will bill the owner of the unit with problem dog poop monthly.
  • Ray is to buy spare motor and spare pump parts
  • Ray: Aerator needs to be replaced immediately. Ray will find out the cost of it and see if we can get it going.
  • Ray will refer a company to Nancy to put chemicals into the pond.
  • Tim will check on the possibility of using grass carp in the pond.
  • Nancy: Get WD Yards to inspect the settling pond float valves weekly.
  • Ray will write proposal to board for WD Yards soil treatment of east commons.
  • Tim will schedule at least one house for October with T&S Custom Curbing. (Dependent on September meeting decision)
  • Tim will get a safety/rescue rope and signs for the irrigation pond.
  • Tim will push through the architectural improvement form for adoption. Minor edits.
  • Tim will get a letter together for people who need to paint.
  • Tim will schedule asphalt repairs.
  • Tim will call property manager of 819 about locates there, and any VRBO intentions.