Regular board meeting, June 20, 2019

Posted by rfay
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 19:00

Reorganization (Officer Elections)

This was the meeting after the Annual Meeting, which is typically the meeting where officer elections are held. Per our founding documents, the HOA members select board members at the Annual Meeting (which was April 4, 2019, see meeting minutes).

However, this task was tabled because Sandie Cooper, the current Treasurer, was not able to attend and there have been various discussions about her interest in continuing. This will be revisited at the September, 2019 meeting

Treasurer's Report

Sandie Cooper was not able to attend, but sent the attached balance sheet and income statement.

  • Discussion of financial statements indicated that expenses are on target.
  • Randy Fay moved, Dan Collins seconded to accept the financial report, which was unanimously accepted.

Landscaping Report: Ray Musser

  • Another irrigation clock is giving issues, but it's unclear whether it will have to be replaced. Tim and Ray will take care of it if it needs to be replaced, instead of paying Bookcliff Gardens for it.
  • Ray continues to be in touch with Bookcliff Gardens, and is happier with this year's mower.
  • The neighborhood work day took place and quite a lot of work on shrubs and irrigation was attended to. Tim suggested having another one. (The additional work evening took place on June 26).

Architectural Issue

  • The board voted unanimously to accept the Enforcement Policy which has been discussed at various meetings. It has been updated and is on the front page of the website.
  • The annual inspection of units is due, Tim Laudick plans to lead this.

Old business

  • Although there was a scheduled item on the Palisade Town Board's schedule concerning the Cresthaven subdivision, nobody got information about this.
  • Dog waste has again come to the fore, and there was considerable discussion about the existing policy, its effectiveness, and current issues.
    • The East Commons area has consistently had an enormous amount of dog waste.
    • The board voted unamimously to increase the dog-waste-offense assessment to $80/month from $40/month. The board instructed that the dog poop policy be updated with this information, and it has been.

Action items:

  • Randy: Update enforcement policy on to change from proposal to policy. (done)
  • Randy: put enforcement policy on the message board
  • Randy: Update with current board members (done)
  • Tim: Annual unit inspection
  • Nancy: Followup with Janet Hawkinson, town administrator, concerning phasing of access to Montclair Dr.
  • Ray: Call Ruth, explain clearly about the dog poop situation, explain what has been seen. Explain the change of the policy to $80/month.
  • Tim: Will post the new dog poop policy (and leash law) on each door.

Adjourned 8:50pm